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is a web site dedicated to promoting Attorney General's into good behavior. Every hear of an Attorney General or a prosecutor say: "I could indict a ham sandwich!" Your states AG often times misapplies the law in innumerable ways and worse withholds exculpable evidence simply to promote their career. Can anyone say "Nifong"? This site deals with badly behaving AG's. Gifting Clubs Unite is established to facilitate your ability to communicate and enable you to better synergize the value of your efforts as you reach out to others IN YOUR COMMUNITY to discuss these most important Issues. Enjoy networking with your fellow Americans in the county you live. Also, don't forget the big picture and check out the other websites for topics of interest to you under Americans Restoring America.

The law today is not respected in the courts. What is respected in the courts and everyplace else is the political weight of the people. We are now at a fork in the road with regards to this nation where we are either going to stand and put our servants in their place or we are going "to lick the hand that feeds us". It is time for us to politicize this issue by amassing the people into a focused effort - only then can we and will we change the tide. A united people cannot be overcome - not even by force of arms. We are at that point where our public servants must be addressed. More...


Please do NOT use this site to promote your gifting club or any other web site for that matter. If you have a web site you wish for this web site to reference just eMail ME as referenced within GCU.